Sending a Case

  • 1 Fill-out prescription
  • 2 Pack your case
  • 3 Ship your case
Fill-out prescription   1.

Download order form for the type of case you are sending to us. We have customized our order forms relevant to the type of product or service that you require. Please make sure all details are filled in correctly to avoid delay in cases.

Pack your case   2.

Carefully pack your case including your prescription, impressions or models and protective materials to ensure your case is delivered to ADL safely.

Ship your case   3.

Call 1800 287 336 or your local territory manager to schedule an in-office pick up. Depending on location we will organise a courier to come pick up case that day for a next day delivery to the lab.

Sending a Digital Case

ADL’s fully integrated digital workflow capabilities ensure that all prescribed restorations are consistently well-fitting and able to be fabricated from the most modern materials for both traditional and implant restorations.

ADL has equipped itself to accept scans from all major intra-oral scanner manufacturers. Please contact the lab for instructions to connecting with ADL.

Ready to Go Digital?

Send your digital work to ADL and we'll help cover the costs of your intraoral scanner.

Monthly Digital Lab Bill ADL Credit Rebate
$0 - $500 5%
$500+ 6%
$1,000+ 7%
$1,500+ 8%
$2,000+ 9%
$2,500+ 10%

The rebate will be a percentage of your monthly digital lab bill with ADL. Digital work is not limited to any intraoral device. To learn more about the program, please contact us at the lab.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Contact Us

Tell us about your case and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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