• Why should I choose ADL?

    ADL is a full-service dental laboratory that has for 30 years provided its customers with quality restoration products, outstanding service, continuous communication, technical support, continuous education opportunities and rewards.

  • What are the differences between your Classic and Boutique range?

    Dentists can choose from our locally manufactured Boutique range or Classic range, manufactured in a state-of-the-art offshore laboratory in Shenzhen. Our Classic range can offer lower pricing with no sacrifice in quality.

    Our Boutique range advantages include direct communication with your case technician, in practice visits if required, implant specialist technicians, and one of the most technologically advanced laboratories in Australia.

  • What are your turnaround times?

    Our turnaround times are approximately 6-10 in-lab days guaranteed. We require two weeks between appointments to guarantee time delays outside our control such as couriers.

  • Can I send a rush order?

    Yes. An express turnaround is available for certain products on request and for an extra 20% of the normal price. Please contact us at the lab in advance for express cases to make sure it is possible with the product or service that you require.

  • Can I arrange to pickup my case?

    Depending on your location, an ADL customer service manager can pickup and deliver your work. For pickup of urgent cases at the lab, please coordinate the schedule with us ahead of time. Contact our customer service team at 02 9958 0487.

  • How do I find prices for your products?

    You can request a copy of our price list here.

  • How do I make a payment?

    Payments can be made by credit card, electronic fund transfer, or cheque. Invoices are due for payment thirty (30) days from the statement date.

  • Can I consult with your team?

    Absolutely. Our team of technicians are available to provide you with support and advice for specific cases.

    Talk to your account manager, send us an email  or call us at 1800 287 336 to schedule a visit.

  • Is there a product warranty?

    ADL offers a warranty on all crown and bridge work (except veneers, inlays or onlays) against defects in workmanship and materials that occurred as a result of the manufacturing process.

    The warranty is valid for the following products only: PFM crowns: 5 year warranty, Full cast crowns: 5 year warranty,  E.max Press: 2 year warranty, Zirconia monolithic crowns: 10 year warranty, Zirconia layered crowns: 10 year warranty on framework and 2 year warranty on complete restoration.

    ADL Terms and Conditions apply.

  • What is your operating hours?

    ADL is open on Mondays through Fridays from 9AM to 6PM AEST.

  • How do I open an account?

    Fill-out our New Accounts Form and email it to us at contact@australiandentallab.com.au. Alternatively, you can submit the completed form to one of our account managers.

    We will create an account for you and advise you of your account details in 2-3 days.

  • What are the benefits with working with ADL?

    You get many benefits by partnering with us. Here a few of them:

    • ADL Rewards program

    • Access to ADL Dentist Gateway

    • Go Digital Rebate program

    • Exclusive invites to education and training programs with CPD points

    • Seasonal promos sent directly to your inbox

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